Tea & Poetry: tea degustation and poetry readings

We are inviting you to spend a sophisticated evening tasting selected tea, desserts and listening to the collection of dazzling poetry of Kerry Shawn Keys.

During the event, Kerry will be reading the poems from his newest book, his magnum opus, “The Seasons of the Patch”, which is a gift to his adopted Lithuania and which has been dedicated to Lithuania’s 18th century seminal poet, Kristijonas Donelaitis. As well as his earlier works that have been influenced by the great masters of ancient Chinese and Japanese poetry.

Kerry Shawn Keys was born in 1946 in Pennsylvania, currently he lives in Vilnius. He studied English literature at the University of Pennsylvania. From 1973 to the present, the author has had over thirty books published. In 1992 he received the Robert H. Winner Memorial Award from the Poetry Society Of America. Keys has published over 50 works in several languages such as Czech and Lithuanian. His work draws on a childhood spent among the wilds of Appalachia and connecting intimately with nature, selling flowers, and collecting stones. In addition to his poetry, Keys is also a playwright, children’s book author, poetry translator, and contributor to periodicals, including Chiron Review, Milkweed Chronicle, Nation, Northwest Review, Ploughshares, and Prism International. When possible, Kerry would rather live close to the land, fishing, hunting, and gathering with lots of time for writing and reflecting. Through a lifetime of staying close to nature and keeping his senses open has come to a kind of wisdom. 

The literature of the East make frequent allusive appearances in Kerry’s works: from the canon of the Indian subcontinent to—especially—the old Chinese poets Li Bo, Du Fu, and Han Shan (Cold Mountain). Kerry has steeped himself in the literature and poetry of the East with its Hindu, Taoist and Buddhist backgrounds, and found much soul solace and wisdom there. Kerry’s works are also frequently full of witty word play, humor and satire.

Few poems of Kerry’s newest book “The Seasons of the Patch”:

Li Bo Went Rowing

He went rowing last night

and never came back.

There he is recumbent

in the middle of the lake.

The sun is up

but Li Bo’s asleep

with the moon on his lap.

What a drunken, lazy fuck.

Dante be my Guide not Virgil

As summer

Falls down

Deep into cold

Ice of Hell, and then

Springs back, and

All is well. 

You will have an opportunity to purchase an autographed Kerry’s newest poetry book after the event. 

Whilst listening to the poetry readings, we will be tasting different types of green teas alongside the desserts. 

Tickets: https://tickets.paysera.com/en/event/tea-poetry-tea-degustation-and-poetry-readings

The event will be held in English.

Event duration: around 1,5 hours.

The event will take place in Azijos menų centras, Užupis, Krivių g. 12 (UMI).


The event can be photographed and filmed, and the recorded material may be made public.

If you cannot attend the event, the ticket shall not be refundable. Contact information: